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Energy Efficiency

Suppliers of solutions for energy generation through wind, solar, photovoltaic and other environmentally friendly systems.

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News Related to Energy Efficiency

NSK Releases Environmental Progress Report (posted April 10, 2012)
Energy-Efficient Lighting Webinar (posted April 10, 2012)
ISO launches ISO 50001 energy management standard (posted July 01, 2011)
Energy Focus, Inc. Receives $600,000 Award to Develop Innovative LED Lighting for NASA (posted April 22, 2011)
Businesses who Reduce Energy Receive Lucrative First Energy Rebates (posted April 22, 2011)
Honeywell and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Reduce Campus Costs and Carbon Dioxide Emissions (posted April 22, 2011)
Woodbridge and University High Schools to be powered by fuel cells (posted April 22, 2011)
Senior and Disabled Adult HUD Facility Going Green (posted April 22, 2011)
Precision-Paragon Announces QPD and QAL high-bay LEDs (posted April 22, 2011)
Lockheed Martin on Target to Meet Sustainability Goals (posted April 22, 2011)
Construction Specialties, Inc. Honored by the Environmental Protection Agency (posted April 15, 2011)
Owl Energy Technologies’ Reduce Alternating Current Motors’ Electricity Usage and Save Money (posted April 15, 2011)
Dow's Excellence in Energy Efficiency Continues to Gain Important Recognition (posted April 15, 2011)
Avoid Costly Landfill Disposal Using Recoverable, Recyclable Presswood Pallets (posted April 15, 2011)
What Does Commercial Solar and Artisan Cheese have in Common? (posted April 14, 2011)
Energy Focus, Inc. Completely Retrofits Aircraft Machine Parts Facility With Its LED Lighting (posted March 30, 2011)
ISO 50001 energy management standard targeted for publication in 3Q2011 (posted February 24, 2011)
Vacon AC drives saved 35 TWh of energy in 2010 (posted February 24, 2011)
Planon Software Announces PlanonConnect to ENERGY STAR® Integration (posted February 24, 2011)
Major Energy And Fuel Savings For Commercial Fishing Vessel With Gen-Tech System (posted February 21, 2011)
Shell Future Energy Scenarios: 'Zone Of Uncertainty' Ahead (posted February 15, 2011)
President's Energy Budget Invests in Innovation, Clean Energy, and National Security Priorities (posted February 15, 2011)
DOE Facilitates Market-Driven Solutions for New High-Efficiency Commercial Air Conditioners (posted February 13, 2011)
Precision-Paragon [P2] provides support for school construction project in Sudan [P2] will donate en (posted February 13, 2011)
Magnalight Adds Two Foot Explosion Proof LED Light for Low Voltage Applications (posted February 12, 2011)
Holcim (US) Inc. Partners With the U.S. Department of Energy, Becomes a 'Save Energy Now' Leader (posted February 11, 2011)
GreenTouch Demonstrates First Technology on Road to Realizing 1,000-Fold Network Energy Efficiency (posted February 11, 2011)
NSK Increases Sustainability While Focusing on Environmental Management and Social Responsibility (posted February 08, 2011)
DOE and EPA Join States to Speed Progress on U.S. Energy Efficiency (posted February 03, 2010)
Website Supports Energy Efficiency Programs at Public Power Utilities (posted February 03, 2010)
Green Technology Training Now Available Online (posted January 26, 2010)
Inova Solutions Receives Patent for Innovative Power-over-Ethernet Technology (posted January 26, 2010)
Whirlpool Corporation Issues Global Sustainability Report (posted November 24, 2009)
IBM Launches Consulting Service for Sustainable Assets (posted November 24, 2009)
Hurd Gets Wisconsin Rebate for Energy-Efficiency Upgrade (posted October 28, 2009)
Raytheon Announces New Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goal (posted October 13, 2009)
QuadGraphics Earns EPA SmartWay Environmental Excellence Award (posted October 12, 2009)
Industry In the Dark About Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative (posted October 07, 2009)
Mars Petcare Opens First LEED-Certified Plant in Arkansas (posted October 02, 2009)
Turner Completes Largest Green Roof in State of Kentucky (posted September 23, 2009)
Energy Efficiency Hall of Fame Inductees Honored at National Forum (posted June 16, 2009)
Pump Systems Matter to Participate in Energy Efficiency Study (posted June 16, 2009)
Ingersoll Rand Launches Sustainability Web Resource and Strategy Council (posted June 04, 2009)
DOE to Offer $256 Million for Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing and IT (posted June 03, 2009)
Bosch Rexroth Podcast Shows Links Lean and Sustainability (posted May 26, 2009)
Cement Industry Honors Leaders in Environmental Improvement (posted May 03, 2009)
Siemens Building Technologies Commitment to Sustainability (posted May 03, 2009)
Caterpillar Releases 2008 Sustainability Report (posted April 28, 2009)
Grainger Helps Businesses Reduce Environmental Impact (posted April 16, 2009)
National Instruments Hosts Green Engineering Virtual Event Series (posted April 14, 2009)
Alternative and Renewable Energy Focus at EASTEC (posted April 14, 2009)
Glow in the Dark Exit Signs Require Zero Energy, Zero Maintenance (posted April 12, 2009)
EE Global to Feature New Studies on Energy Efficiency (posted April 12, 2009)
Competitive Manufacturing Toolkit Introduced at WESTEC (posted April 07, 2009)
International Organizations Cooperate on Energy Efficiency (posted April 06, 2009)
Energy Saving Partnership Helps West Virginia Manufacturers (posted April 06, 2009)
NAM Says Energy Efficiency Act Will Strengthen Manufacturing (posted March 25, 2009)
Alliance to Save Energy Announces Pre-Conference Workshop at EE Global (posted March 20, 2009)
Fluke Provides Guidelines for HVAC Energy Savings (posted March 16, 2009)
Honda's Ohio and Alabama Auto Plants Earn EPA Energy Star Rating (posted March 03, 2009)
Kettle Foods Wins Wisconsin Sustainability Award (posted March 03, 2009)
Titan America Cements Partnership With EPA Energy Star Program (posted February 26, 2009)
NAM Agenda Emphasizes Economic Recovery, Job Creation (posted February 23, 2009)
Winners Announced in Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition (posted February 19, 2009)
Illinois Business Energy Efficiency Incentives Deadline Approaching (posted February 17, 2009)
Energy Coalition Lauds Economic Recovery Package (posted February 17, 2009)
Clean Tech Open Expands to National Competition (posted February 12, 2009)
XDX Innovative Refrigeration Releases New Energy Saving Technology (posted February 12, 2009)
Microsoft Releases Environmental Sustainability Dashboard (posted February 09, 2009)
NEMA Supports Obama Call for National Efficiency Standards (posted February 08, 2009)
Sustainable Manufacturing Summit 2009 (posted January 28, 2009)
Free Software for Ohio Environmental Sustainability (posted January 26, 2009)
Virtual Energy Forum Continues June 3-4 (posted January 26, 2009)
Going Green: Case Studies in Green (posted January 14, 2009)
Energy Efficiency at Hannover Fair (posted January 13, 2009)