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Choosing environmentally friendly materials.

Green Chemistry
Sustainable Materials

News Related to Materials

NSF International Expands Compostability Testing to Verify Biodegradable Product Claims (posted April 22, 2011)
Avoid Costly Landfill Disposal Using Recoverable, Recyclable Presswood Pallets (posted April 15, 2011)
DOE Energy Innovation Portal Connects Innovative Energy Technologies to the Marketplace (posted February 11, 2011)
Green Technology Training Now Available Online (posted January 26, 2010)
Boreal Water Debuts Biodegradable Bottle at PLMA in Chicago (posted November 12, 2009)
USAF Recognized by EPA for Surface Pretreatment (posted September 23, 2009)
Federal-Mogul Wins Environmental Award for QuietShield Material (posted May 26, 2009)
NEMA Environmental Design Initiative Introduced in Congress (posted May 18, 2009)
Glatfelter Launches Sustainability Website (posted May 18, 2009)
Grainger Helps Businesses Reduce Environmental Impact (posted April 16, 2009)
Alternative and Renewable Energy Focus at EASTEC (posted April 14, 2009)
Article Describes Magnesium as Material of the 21st Century (posted February 28, 2009)
Green Chemicals Transforming Chemical Industry (posted February 17, 2009)
Plastic From Plants Outperforms Oil-Based Polymers (posted February 10, 2009)
Materials Industries Face Significant Long-Term Challenges (posted February 08, 2009)
Sustainable Manufacturing Summit 2009 (posted January 28, 2009)
Going Green: Case Studies in Green (posted January 14, 2009)