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Financing Green in the Present Economic Environment

New York, New York USA
March 28, 2011

The Program: The financial crisis has impacted investment in the green sector and has forced more innovative and entrepreneurial activities in both project finance and cleantech investment. Our one day seminar gives you insights into what that new economic environment is for investors, funds, banks, entrepreneurs and developers. Hear from experts in investment banking, cleantech venture capital, tax equity and debt strategies, and green finance. This seminar is a how to guide to get investment in this new economic environment. Click here to register.

What You Will Learn
  1. What is the State of Play in Green Finance
  2. What is the Emerging Business Model for Investment
  3. What are the Investment Opportunities
  4. Renewable Energy Project Finance Opportunities
  5. How an Investment Banker Views the Sector
  6. What Investment Opportunities Do Venture Capitalists See
  7. How a Start Up Views the Sector
  8. What are the Tax Impacts of Investment the Sector
  9. What are the Smart Grid Opportunities
  10. What the Distributed Generation Opportunities
  11. Structured Finance Applications for Renewables & Cleantech