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Carbon Expo 2009

Barcelona, Spain
May 27-29, 2009

The Theme of Carbon Expo 2009 is Cities & Carbon Finance. The awareness of climate change has increased tremendously over the years, and there is a sense of growing commitment to action, among city decision-makers and concerned local stakeholders.

This has led to the adoption of city climate strategies and implementation of GHG mitigation policies and measures in a multiplicity of cities in many developed and developing countries. Rapidly increasing urban populations, their need for power and water, and their vulnerability to climate change impacts, make cities one of the most urgent areas for climate policy and action. To plan a successful transition to low-carbon city development paths, there needs to be dialogue, knowledge sharing, networking and communication within and between relevant stakeholder groups.

To achieve that transition, there needs to be finance. Carbon finance and carbon markets can play a key role, focusing on mitigation in a number of key development sectors such as energy, water, waste management, construction, transportation, and control of air and water pollution.

By featuring this theme and accordingly organizing selected theme oriented activities, CARBON EXPO 2009 will aim to provide participants with an opportunity to explore local governments responses to the carbon market, and the industry, project and carbon finance agents, clean technology developers and providers, and other relevant stakeholders from around the world with a platform for knowledge sharing and a market place for clean urban development solutions. The Government of the host country, Spain, has endorsed the theme.

2009 is an important year for the Climate Change negotiations where governments will seek to come to an agreement in Copenhagen on the future framework for climate change. The CARBON EXPO 2009 Conference program, spreading over the three days of the event, will feature debates, in-depth case studies and leadership sessions providing an in depth overview of the status of the Market and International negotiations. The 2009 Conference programme will be articulated around nine plenary sessions and four CARBON EXPO Workshop streams: Project Stream, Traders Stream, New Markets Stream and Cities & Carbon Finance Stream. With over 200 speakers in the previous edition, world leading experts from the private and public sectors will be giving insights into the latest trends and discuss topics such as:

- The State of the Global Carbon Market,
- From Bali to Copenhagen: Perspective of market instruments and Realistic options for post-2012,
- EU ETS Phase III,
- Energy Efficiency in the built environment,
- Scaling up of Carbon Finance,
- The Business of Carbon - Financial risks and opportunities for businesses in a Carbon Economy,
- Expanding the scope of CDM and JI,
- State and Regional initiatives in North America and Federal Preemption.