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TechConnect World 2009

Houston, TX USA
May 3-7, 2009

TechConnect World features three components: Clean Technology 09, Nanotech 09 and the TechConnect Summit, events that aim to help bring clean technology, nanotechnology and biotechnology from development to commercialization. More than 2,700 presentations are scheduled to presented.

“The upcoming 2009 conference program is significantly larger than anything we’ve produced in the past, which is necessary to address all of the relevant topics and policy issues across the Nano, Bio and Clean Technology industries,” said Bart Romanowicz, Executive Director of the Nano Science and Technology Institute, one of the conference sponsors. “Thousands of presenters in the show will reveal their latest innovations, showcase their best practices, and share their advanced research discoveries to the Fortune 500, government, and investment communities in a manner that helps to create the alliances that are needed to commercialize technology, and bring new solutions to market.”

Attendees in Houston will have access to the content of all three venues.