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Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe

Cambridge, UK
June 3-4, 2009

Energy harvesting (energy scavenging) is concerned with converting ambient energy into electricity for small devices. This has many exciting applications, such as perpetual devices which can run for decades, wireless sensors and switches, and powering devices from watches to laptops to new printed electronics.

This IDTechEx event, the first to focus on the uses, potential users and market forecasts as well as giving the latest technology trends, is the meeting place for users, investors, suppliers, developers, system integrators and government representatives.

The event will cover the following topics:

  • End User Needs and Experiences, from vertical segments including oil and gas, healthcare, building automation, government, manufacturing/industrial, retail
  • Potential users saying what they need
  • Case Studies: Assessment of paybacks from energy harvesters
  • Energy Harvesting Technologies: comparisons, trends
  • Battery and Capacitor Technologies needed
  • Market Analysis and Forecasts