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Sustainable Manufacturing Summit

Chicago, IL USA
April 29-30, 2009

The Sustainable Manufacturing Summit will examine the latest developments in sustainable strategies for manufacturers of all sectors. This event offers access to the corporate executives and green experts leading the transformation to sustainable and cost-efficient manufacturing. The summit format is a combination of case studies and expert panels tackling key green topics for manufacturers including energy efficiency, clean technologies and renewables, carbon management and offsetting, climate policy updates and supply chain management.

Speakers include:

  • Ken Cornelius, President and CEO, Siemens One, Inc.
  • Ken Alston, CEO, McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry
  • Ken Wengert, Director, Safety and Environment, Kraft North America
  • Barry Hornbacher, Green Operations Leader, Owens Corning
  • Craig Hershberg, Director, Environmental Affairs, Toshiba America
  • Ken Mills, Corporate Energy Management Leader, United States Steel Corporation