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2009 Corporate Sustainability Summit

Austin, TX USA
May 28-29, 2009

Get the results of a recent sustainable survey among corporate leaders, and engage in a range of topics – everything from carbon offsets, metrics, supply chain, real estate valuation, green public-private partnerships, and alternative energy to managing expectations of your CEO. Among the breakout leaders participants can interact with are:

  • Ron Herbst, Global Head of Energy Management & Sustainability, Deutsche Bank AG London, - Ron is involved in building energy design, advanced control systems, and the “greening” of real estate management.
  • Scott Muldavin, Executive Director of Green Building Finance Consortium. Scott is the leading authority on green building valuation in the U.S. You can learn whether your buildings are truly worth more money.
  • Rob Harmon, Chief Innovation Officer for Bonneville Environmental Foundation –Rob launched the first carbon calculator on the internet. He will cut through political agendas and give the truth about reducing carbon footprint.
  • Dr. Michelle Michot Foss, Chief Economist, the Center for Energy Economics – Michelle has 29 years experience in energy and economics, and brings a global perspective to the Summit.
  • David Winstead, Former Commissioner of the Public Buildings Service, GSA, - Dave was responsible for 340 million sq. ft. in 8,000 public and private buildings, and knows the inner workings of the federal government.
  • Robin Rather, CEO of Collective Strength, - Robin backs her strategic and analytical skills with Fortune 500 experience. She will moderate the much anticipated Town Hall at the Summit.
  • Kit Tuveson, IFMA Sustainability Trainer. - Kit’s 36 years of experience with Hewlett Packard is invaluable in showing you how to make a presentation on sustainability to CEOs and Boards of Directors that wins the day.
  • B. Alan Whitson, President of Corporate Realty, Design & Management Institute. The leader of the acclaimed Turning Green into Gold® program will give you his 50 best energy saving tips.