Manufacturing Sustainability: Green Manufacturing News

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The Green Manufacturing Expo(GMX®)

Toronto, Canada
June 21-23, 2011

Canada: A Major Force in North American Manufacturing
According to government agency Industry Canada, there are more than 56,000 manufacturing establishments in Canada that employ more than 1.7 million people and generate nearly C$600 billion in annual sales. These facilities spend C$368 billion on materials and supplies used in production, while making annual investments of C$177 billion in machinery and equipment.

With exhibitors throughout the show floor at the Green Manufacturing Expo, you'll find the sustainable manufacturing solutions you need to compete in today's marketplace.

Green Manufacturing products and services include:

• Clean Energy Systems
• CAD/Design for Sustainability
• Energy Management Software
• Bio-compostable and Recyclable Packaging
• Energy-saving Machinery and Components
• Consulting
...and much more!