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Ecosummit - Smart Green Economy Network

Berlin, Gemany
March 24-25, 2011

Smart Green Economy Network and Conference

Every company has to become a Smart Green Company. Every consumer has to become a Smart Green Consumer. Every city has to become a Smart Green City. Then we will have transformed our economy and society into a Smart Green Economy and Society that has mastered the art of Sustainability Management and lives in harmony and balance with our planet and its resources.

To foster the transformation to the Smart Green Economy we have created Ecosummit the Smart Green Economy Network. Ecosummit is an international event, media and business platform. Together with our advisors, sponsors, speakers and partners we are creating a growing Smart Green Business Network to foster deal making, business development, know-how exchange and networking.

Ecosummit is produced and operated by Berlin-based Mobile Economy GmbH. The Ecosummit 2011 conference is organised by Jan Michael Hess (CEO of Mobile Economy GmbH and Ecosummit Founder) and Julian von Bluecher (Chief Sustainability Officer and Ecosummit Organiser) with great support of our sponsors, advisors and partners.

In the near future, we plan to found a new company to take Ecosummit to the next level. For this, we look for strategic investors and partners that want to change the smart green future together with us.

Next to organising the annual Ecosummit conference and publishing the online magazine Ecosummit, we support our consulting clients with strategy development, marketing, business development and fund raising.