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Next Generation Biofuels

L, United Kindgom
March 8, 2011

A comprehensive 1-day introduction to Biofuels from non-food crops and advanced conversion processes.

Course objectives

Designed to be accessible to non-experts and the commercially-minded, this course describes the variety of feedstocks, routes and processes through which biomass can be converted to valuable fuels, energy and other products on large scales and without the food competition issues of current biofuels. It is particularly aimed at business people who need to understand the basics of the science and technology but explained in a clear, hype-free manner and within its economic and commercial context.

It will provide an excellent basic grounding for attendees from a variety of sectors including biomass supply, processing, fuel distribution and end-use; plus investors and policymakers across the supply chain.

Level & Style

Although the course will include some scientific and technical information and terminology, we assume no prior technical knowledge indeed a key aim is to demystify the terminology and language you will encounter within the biofuels industry.

The course runs in a friendly, informal manner, encouraging discussions and questions to ensure that participants get the most out of their time. In order to better understand and illustrate the various topics, some simple calculations and other explanatory exercises may be incorporated.

Approximate Timings    (include lunch plus morning and afternoon refreshment breaks):
 09:00 - 17:00