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Renewable Power Economics

London, United Kindgom
March 10, 2011

A 1-day introduction to the factors which determine the business case for renewable power

Course objectives

Whether you are working within one of the “green power” sectors or evaluating investment into it, this comprehensive, time-effective, one-day training course describes and discusses the key components which must be incorporated into an evaluation of the competitiveness of renewable power. Working through the determinants of costs, cash flows and profitability in a clear and business-focused manner, the course is particularly valuable to those in job roles including business planning, policy, marketing and technology development.

You will learn how the different renewable power options compare in terms of their market application and economic structure, and discuss how each might compete with current large-scale power generation facilities.

Level & Style

The course assumes no prior knowledge in finance or financial planning – it is specifically designed to be of value to those who are not financial experts but want to establish a basic understanding of the competitive positioning of the various renewable power sources. [A basic knowledge of these renewable power sources is helpful, though not essential, and can be gained by attending our 1-day “Renewable Power Technologies” course].

The course runs in a friendly, informal manner, encouraging discussions and questions to ensure that participants get the most out of their time. In order to better understand and illustrate the various topics, some simple calculations and other explanatory exercises will be incorporated.

Approximate Timings    (include lunch plus morning and afternoon refreshment breaks):
 09:00 - 17:00