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Sustainable Manufacturing Summit 2009

posted by William R. Stott
Published: January 28, 2009

Sustainable Manufacturing Summit 2009

The Sustainable Manufacturing Summit, sponsored by Green Power Conferences, will take place April 29-30, 2009 at Navy Pier in Chicago. The event is designed to allow corporate executives and manufacturing and engineering managers to examine the latest developments in sustainable strategies. The summit format is a combination of case studies and expert panels tackling key green topics for manufacturers including energy efficiency, clean technologies and renewables, carbon management and offsetting, climate policy updates and supply chain management.

According to the Sustainable Manufacturing Summit website, visitors will be able to

  • Learn from top manufacturers’ sustainability strategies
  • Hear the latest updates on energy efficiency initiatives
  • Identify what national and international carbon capping means for their companies
  • Find out how the new U.S. president’s climate policy affects manufacturers
  • Evaluate and manage emissions data
  • Analyze which sustainability initiatives offer the best return on investment
  • Identify practical steps for optimizing carbon, raw materials, energy and water
  • Hear how companies are collaborating to create sustainable supply chains
  • Understand which offsetting projects result in actual emissions reductions
  • Get a handle on which codes and standards are emerging for sustainable production

The keynote address, titled "Sustainability as a Core Business Strategy," is scheduled to be given by Ken Cornelius, President and CEO of Siemens One. Case studies on energy efficiency will be presented by executives from U.S. Steel, Eaton Corp. and many others.

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