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Energy Coalition Lauds Economic Recovery Package

posted by William R. Stott
Published: February 17, 2009

The Coalition for Energy Efficiency today lauded H.R. 1, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), as a critical and urgently needed first step in making energy efficiency the nation’s top energy priority and placing efficiency atop the list of the nation’s energy resources. The coalition praised President Obama and Congress as the President signed the bill into law today in Denver.

The Alliance to Save Energy coordinates the informal coalition, which is comprised of energy and environmental organizations, states, businesses, trade associations, and manufacturers of energy-efficient products.

“The coalition is committed to meeting or even exceeding the ARRA’s worthy goals, to leveraging every taxpayer dollar to the greatest extent possible with private investment, and to producing good, long-term jobs,” said Sam Krasnow, policy advocate and attorney for Environment Northeast, a coalition member.

“Energy efficiency is a winner for the nation on so many levels,” commented Alliance Director of Government Relations Brad Penney. “The stimulus law’s $20 plus billion for energy efficiency projects will put Americans to work making buildings more efficient; cut energy bills for consumers, businesses, and governments; and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” 

“The coalition pledges to work closely with the Obama administration, state and local governments, and the private sector to ensure that the new law’s energy efficiency investments are deployed rapidly for the most immediate possible benefits to workers and consumers,” said Donald Gilligan, president of the National Association of Energy Service Companies, another coalition member.  

Gilligan added, “Already, we are working with the federal agencies and state and local governments that will be administering the ARRA funding to help them make the best use of the hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of skilled workers that already know how to deliver billions of dollars of energy efficiency projects each year.”

“The economic recovery legislation is merely the first step in the essential transition to a sustainable energy economy,” said coalition member Steve Cowell, the CEO of Conservation Services Group.  “We look forward to working with the president and Congress to develop the next steps, including implementing long-term energy and climate policies, which will make energy efficiency the cornerstone of our national growth and prosperity. We must implement these programs and strengthen others, especially in industrial energy efficiency and the public buildings sector, where more opportunity exists.”

The following organizations are members of the Coalition of Energy Efficiency:

Alliance to Save Energy

American Institute of Architects

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

Conservation Services Group

Dow Chemical Company

Environment Northeast

Green Building Initiative

Johnson Controls

National Association for State Community Services Programs

National Association of Energy Services Companies

National Electrical Manufacturers Association

North American Insulation Manufacturers Association

Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association

Save Energy Now Coalition

Serious Materials