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Haaga Introduces Eco-Friendly Sweeping Machines

posted by William R. Stott
Published: March 13, 2009

The MasterSweep 696 from Haaga Great Lakes

Haaga Great Lakes of St. Paul, Minnesota, has introduced its line of eco-friendly Haaga Sweeping Machines to the North American marketplace. Designed as "people powered" environmentally responsible sweeping machines, the Haaga product line consists of six model types for residential, commercial, municipal and industrial applications. Haaga sweepers are intended for warehouses, manufacturing areas, greenhouses, storefronts, golf courses, lawn and landscape applications as well as parking areas, driveways and walkways. Haaga machines are lightweight and feature an ergonomic handle and grips to allow for sweeping without back pain. These self-storing sweepers also include a four-year brush warranty.

As an answer to "green cleaning," the Haaga sweeper can be manually pushed or pulled, and the dual-action, fully adjustable brushes will continuously pick-up most types of small debris, including water bottles and soda cans; wet or dry leaves; and rocks, sand and dirt. Even cigarette butts can easily be whisked away into the container.

The Haaga sweepers are designed to replace leaf blowers with a quieter, cleaner option. While leaf blowers can scatter dirt and dust, the Haaga sweeper picks up the refuse and debris.

Energy-smart Haaga sweepers are offered in a variety of sweeping widths. Each Haaga model is specifically designed to fulfill the gap of those users who do not need the added expense of a fully powered sweeper, but need the efficiency of a more advanced sweeping process. The larger models also incorporate Haaga's patented Turbo sweeping system, which adds a third center brush for removing fine dust. The all-new Haaga 696 MasterSweep incorporates individual electric motors to operate all three brushes and assist with the travel motion. Compared to a broom and dust pan, Haaga sweepers reduce cleaning time by 10 to 1 for both indoor and outdoor applications, according to Haaga's press release.

These German-designed sweepers have been in use for 40 years in more than 50 countries. Haaga is commitment to environmental stewardship is demonstrated by its solar-powered production facility and rainwater cooled machinery, as well as buying local components, driving high-mileage diesel vehicles, its comprehensive re-use or recycle policy and use of recycled materials.

For more information:

Haaga Great Lakes

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Phone: (651) 695-1900