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FM Facility Maintenance Partners with BroadStar Wind Systems

posted by William R. Stott
Published: April 12, 2009

AeroCam turbines can be placed atop commercial buildings to generate electricity in urban settings.

FM Facility Maintenance has made a major investment with wind turbine producer BroadStar Wind Systems of Dallas, in a strategic partnership to install energy efficient, building-mounted AeroCam wind turbines for major customer facilities. BroadStar designs and develops commercially viable wind-generated energy systems. The new program features BroadStar's patented AeroCam turbine, which uses a horizontal orientation to capture wind energy and generate power more efficiently, in a smaller footprint, than existing, comparable-sized turbines. The design is particularly well suited to rooftop locations of major retailers and multi-location customers, which are already serviced by FM Facility Maintenance (FM).

In this new relationship, BroadStar Wind Systems will produce the turbines, FM Facility Maintenance will install and perform service on the equipment, and the two companies will collaborate on marketing and energy programs related to the wind power generation for their clients. The FM partnership with BroadStar has been created by FM CEO and Chairman, Jim Barnes, which has made a major investment in the BroadStar Wind Systems business. Barnes has an active record of energy solutions for FM and its sister company, OAKLEAF Waste Management. FM has recently created a complete, self-sufficient solar program for the recently renovated Hermitage Inn in Wilmington, Vermont, a program recognized for excellence by Green Hotels of Vermont. "Solar and wind power generation are critical components of FM's business strategy and future economic growth," said Jim Barnes. "After a thorough review of the wind turbine options available, I believe that BroadStar's AeroCam technology is both state-of-the-art and economically attractive for our customers."

Customers that purchase and install a BroadStar AeroCam system realize both energy savings and increased energy self-sufficiency, according to the company's press release. Energy generated by the AeroCam turbine can be used at the business location, with excess electricity capacity sold back to the grid. Incentives provided by the recently passed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act make an investment in wind energy much more attractive for customers. And, soon, customers will have the choice to take advantage of the energy savings via a Power Purchase Agreement, where they can purchase the electricity generated from the wind turbines without having to purchase the equipment itself.

BroadStar has already signed up several high-profile customers for beta programs. This partnership will help deliver the benefits of the AeroCam much more quickly and on a national scale. "Broadstar is proud to partner with an innovative leader like FM and believes the convergence of the sales and marketing synergy, the AeroCam's unparalleled performance metrics and the new government-backed incentives, will make this a win-win for not only both companies, but also for our customers," said co-founder and CEO of BroadStar Wind Systems, Steve Else.

The FM/BroadStar program is a major, tangible component of FM's ongoing sustainability program that works for both customers and the environment. FM is firmly committed to strategic energy solutions in both wind and solar that can be integrated innovative facility management relationships with major retail and restaurant customers. Knowledge of renewable energy and energy-saving facility management solutions are part of the value provided by FM to its customers.