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EE Global to Feature New Studies on Energy Efficiency

posted by William R. Stott
Published: April 12, 2009

The organizers of EE Global have announce two new studies that will be presented at the 2009 event—"Averting the Next Energy Crisis: The Demand Challenge" by the McKinsey Global Institute and McKinsey’s global energy and materials practice, and Cambridge Energy Research Associates’ "(CERA) Strategies for a Lean-Europe: Meeting the Energy Efficiency Challenge"—are poised to help leaders navigate a new wave of global energy efficiency deployment.

EE Global takes place Apri 27-29 in Paris.

About “Averting the Next Energy Crisis: The Demand Challenge”

In "Averting the Next Energy Crisis: The Demand Challenge," MGI and McKinsey's Global Energy and Materials Practice update an analysis of energy demand and energy productivity across regions and end users (light-duty vehicles, medium and heavy trucks, air transport, buildings, industry, and power) and explore the trajectory of energy supply across fuel types. The research also examines the implications of demand growth on petroleum products' supply-demand balance.

Senior Director Dr. Doug Howe to Discuss New Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) Study at EE Global

CERA's soon-to-be published multi-client study, "Strategies for a Lean-Europe: Meeting the Energy Efficiency Challenge," examines how the EU's goal of reducing energy usage 20% by 2020 through energy efficiency will result in a fundamental and unprecedented shift throughout the entire European energy sector by 2030, with far-reaching effects on supply fundamentals, prices, and security of supply issues. To support this research CERA has developed detailed gas and power demand outlooks based on in-depth analyses of end-use technologies and costs. The study concludes with an analysis of key actions necessary for energy companies to build an integrated strategy that adapts to the future of a new, leaner Europe.