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Siemens Building Technologies Commitment to Sustainability

posted by William R. Stott
Published: May 03, 2009

Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. has been applying to its own business operations the energy efficiency and green building sustainability practices that it offers its customers. In the summer of 2007, the Siemens Building Technologies Internal Sustainability Committee was created to make sustainability part of the strategic mission of the entire organization. Representatives from executive, marketing, product design, procurement, manufacturing, facilities and human resources began to examine all aspects of Siemens Building Technologies' operations to understand first what measures might be taken immediately to promote sustainability, and then look at longer term possibilities to ensure that the company's commitment remained relevant and delivered value to the organization, its people, customers and the community going forward.

"In these times of economic uncertainty, there are both incredible challenges and unprecedented opportunities for Siemens to institute meaningful and long-lasting environmental initiatives. From achieving our country's energy independence, to easing the impact of climate change and the effects of the recession on economy, there are a broad range of issues that we can meet head on by introducing the principals of reduce, re-use and recycle to the nation's building stock. We not only help thousands of our customers every day to improve efficiency, but also ensure our company and our people do the same," says Brad Haeberle, Vice President of Marketing and Sustainability Council Chair. "We think we are off to a great start, and over the last two years the committee has identified and implemented a broad variety of measures that focus our sustainability effort and provide us with a return on our greening investment."

To achieve the company's strategic sustainability mission the committee defined four pillars of success that focus and define the initiative's overall approach:

Pillar One - Products: Reduce the negative environmental impacts of our products, specifically in manufacturing, packaging and labeling. As an organization, Siemens Building Technologies places a high priority on reducing its products' negative environmental impact. That priority is shared throughout the organization with initiatives directed and supported globally and locally.

Pillar Two - Operations: Minimize the environmental footprint of our business operations. In 2007 baselines and corresponding 2012 reduction targets were established among a range of consumables including fleet gallons of fuel purchased, emissions growth and average increase in fleet fuel efficiency. Similarly, buildings' consumption of electricity and natural gas, as well as employee air miles travelled and parcel shipping quantities were identified and assigned reduction targets.

Pillar Three - Solutions: Develop industry-leading solutions that generate a positive impact on the environment for our customers. The impact of buildings on the environment is wide ranging, consuming more than 70% of the nation's electricity and 40% of raw materials while contributing nearly 40% of greenhouse gases. Our solutions are aimed directly at increasing the efficiency and reducing the energy and resource demands of both new and existing buildings.

Pillar Four - Transparency: Siemens Building Technologies understands that the company's sustainability initiatives and activities are relevant to many different audiences, both inside and outside the organization. In 2008 the company publicly announced the Sustainability Committee to employees and published "Sustainability Initiatives" an eight-page e-brochure outlining the key aspects of the program to select customers. The document introduced our four pillars for measuring success, addressed our commitment to sustainability and our response to environmental challenges, and described the committee's early actions. To obtain the brochure go to: itiatives.htm?languagecode=en

In June, Siemens Building Technologies will release its first-ever Sustainability Report -- a comprehensive document that will outline the company's programs and publish results as measured against the initiative's four Pillars of Success, as well as energy and consumables reduction results and other measures of Siemens' performance as it pertains to its sustainability goals.

As a leading provider of energy and environmental solutions, building controls, fire safety and security systems solutions, Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., makes buildings comfortable, safe, secure and less costly to operate. With U.S. headquarters in Buffalo Grove, Ill., Siemens Building Technologies employs 7,400 people and provides a full range of services and solutions from more than 100 locations coast-to-coast. Worldwide, the company has 28,000 employees and operates from more than 500 locations in 51 countries.

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