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Federal-Mogul Wins Environmental Award for QuietShield Material

posted by William R. Stott
Published: May 26, 2009

Accepting the Environmental Achievement Award for Federal-Mogul are Senior VP of Vehicle Safety & Protection Ramzi Hermiz (far left) and Director of Sales, Americas for Systems Protection Chris Foy (center front). (courtesy of PRnews/Federal-Mogul)

Federal-Mogul Corp. received from the Environmental Management Association (EMA) its 2008 Environmental Achievement Award for QuietShield GRN, a product made from recycled material that is processed into a sound-deadening padding to reduce noise in an automobile's cabin.

The criteria for winning the award includes "demonstrating a commitment to the environment that results in improved quality of life and using eco-friendly resources to provide innovative solutions to environmental challenges," according to Federal-Mogul's press release. The goal of the EMA, whose members represent major corporations, is to establish and maintain an active information exchange between government and industry professionals to arrive at solutions to environmental issues. EMA is headquartered in the Greater Detroit area.

QuietShield, which can be used in vehicle headliners, door panels and kick panels, is manufactured using recycled cardboard packaging and other by-products normally discarded. QuietShield debuted as part of a headliner assembly on the 2010 Buick LaCrosse luxury sedan.

Automotive manufacturing plants today receive numerous parts for delivery to the assembly line in cardboard containers and other packaging. Some of these containers are made of recyclable materials, others are not. In both cases, when empty, the vehicle maker typically would have to pay to transport cardboard packaging and other refuse to a recycling center or landfill. Federal-Mogul offers customers a new solution to these problems by collecting this cardboard at the customer's site and, using proprietary processes, transforms the waste into QuietShield.

Federal-Mogul earlier this year received General Motors Environmental Excellence Award for QuietShield and Lead-Free Bronze Bearings.

"Federal-Mogul is honored to receive yet another award for QuietShield," said Ramzi Hermiz, Senior Vice President, Vehicle Safety and Protection. "QuietShield and Lead-Free Bearings are examples of the suite of 'green' products and technologies Federal-Mogul is proud to offer its customers. These products not only help protect the environment, they typically offer the customer total cost savings by eliminating the expense to recycle or deposit in a landfill, or by reducing vehicle weight, wear and friction, thereby contributing to improved engine performance."