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Ingersoll Rand Launches Sustainability Web Resource and Strategy Council

posted by William R. Stott
Published: June 04, 2009

One year after the acquisition of Trane by Ingersoll Rand, and on the eve of the United Nations' 37th Annual World Environment Day (WED), Ingersoll Rand today announced the launch of a new web resource dedicated to sustainability and the formation of the Ingersoll Rand Sustainability Strategy Council.

The new web resource serves as a single platform for visitors to learn more about all of Ingersoll Rand's environmental sustainability and social responsibility strategy, goals and accomplishments. The web resource aims to provide employees, customers and the communities which Ingersoll Rand serves with information about its environmentally-beneficial and energy efficient products and solutions, expertise in Green Building Certification, and ideas about how they can reduce their impact on the environment, both at home and at work.

"Sustainability is at the core of who we are and what we do. Energy efficiency -- with its large social, economic, and environmental implications -- is a benefit tied to many of our products, services, and our own operations," said Herb Henkel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "Each time we help customers reduce their energy demands, we are creating a positive ripple effect that results in reduced greenhouse gas emissions, a cleaner environment, and cost savings over the long term."

In addition to the sustainability web resource, Ingersoll Rand announced the creation of a corporate Sustainability Strategy Council -- a committee created by the executive leadership team of the company comprised of representatives from all of Ingersoll Rand's businesses. The Sustainability Strategy Council is responsible for defining and leading Ingersoll Rand's sustainability efforts in the areas of green buildings, energy efficiency and climate change.

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