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ICON-SCM Helps Reduce Carbon Footprint in the Supply Chain

posted by William R. Stott
Published: October 28, 2009

ICON-SCM, a provider of supply chain planning and collaboration software, announced that its ICON-SCM Supply Chain Planning (SCP) solution will provide emission planning capability. The new CO2 Planning feature helps customers leave less of a carbon footprint with their supply chain and logistics operations. More companies are considering the environmental consequences of their sourcing, production and delivery planning. The ICON-SCM planning solution gives customers new insight into how they can make better environmental choices around the complexities of their global supply chain.

"The recent economic downturn has required companies to make continuous efficiency improvements across their organizations," said J. Spencer Miller, CEO of ICON-SCM. "At the same time, more consumers are considering environmental accountability as part of their purchase decisions. Companies who want to lead the next generation of products and services must include green initiatives as part of their strategic decision-making and operational plans or risk being left behind. Our new CO2 emission planning feature will give our customers the guidance and visibility needed to plan, develop, and execute a supply chain that is more efficient and 'green.'"

Forward-thinking organizations who also want to comply with more stringent global environment regulations must weigh the carbon consequences of their supply chain choices. Alternate or multiple manufacturing locations, shipment modes and frequencies as well as distribution fulfillment strategies all have a significant impact on the carbon footprint and must be considered in the planning process. ICON-SCM's SCP planning solution will provide a "best-case-scenario" plan for companies who need to consider multiple, complex factors in their supply chain decision-making, including environmental impact.