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IHS Introduces Updated Version of Sustainability Platform

posted by William R. Stott
Published: February 24, 2010

IHS announced the release of opsInfo™ 8.1 software for environmental, health and safety (EHS) and sustainability information management. This new version of the software will enable enterprises to address growing demand for accurate, verifiable greenhouse gas (GHG) and sustainability reporting as well as assuring compliance with rigorous market-based emissions management protocols and third-party emissions auditing procedures.

“We know that emissions and sustainability management demands on large enterprises are expanding rapidly and some companies are struggling to find the right way to manage their information,” said IHS Vice President of Environmental Solutions Scott Lockhart. “With opsInfo 8.1, we are introducing key innovations that will enable our customers to transform compliance and business management obligations into opportunities for greater efficiency, accountability and competitiveness.”

opsInfo 8.1 builds upon the platform’s core functionality, which customers have been using since the 1990s at tens of thousands of sites worldwide for EHS compliance, corporate responsibility reporting, and corporate performance management. The new release will help organizations reduce the risk of non-compliance with increasingly stringent government mandates and voluntary reporting schemes while also enabling efficiency gains – and cost savings – by streamlining data collection, processing and reporting across the enterprise. 

opsInfo 8.1 enhancements deliver exceptional support for:
• Change Management – Global organizations can quickly and easily answer new regulatory and/or business challenges at the corporate, facility or departmental level. Authorized users can fine tune their Web-based system without assistance from IT, thanks to its highly configurable design.
• Transparency – Organizations get end-to-end visibility into the transformation of operational data into outgoing compliance reports and business intelligence. opsInfo 8.1 tracks who provided data and when, who edited it and when, if/how the system configuration was changed, and more.
• Auditability –Because GHG emissions and other sustainability data is undergoing scrutiny by regulators and stakeholders, and companies must ensure that their information remains fully verifiable, opsInfo 8.1 supports best practices in EHS accounting by enabling users to safely “lock down” data.

The opsInfo platform is part of a growing family of IHS software solutions for EHS and sustainability. The company recently earned accreditation from the Carbon Disclosure Project for meeting that organization’s exacting standards for GHG data collection, calculation and reporting. For more information about EHS and sustainability solutions from IHS, please visit