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Recyclebank and Ziploc Debut Recycling Rewards Program in Corpus Christi, Texas

posted by Wendy Stott
Published: February 15, 2011

Recyclebank®, the sustainable action platform that motivates individuals to make a collective impact on the environment, in partnership with the Ziploc® Brand, announced today the expansion of its curbside recycling rewards program in Corpus Christi, Texas. As part of a larger initiative to dramatically increase recycling rates across the country, Recyclebank and Ziploc have teamed up with city officials to establish single-stream recycling and partnerships with local and national businesses to reward Corpus Christi citizens for taking small steps to improve the environment and their community.

Ziploc is sponsoring the expansion of Recyclebank's impactful rewards-for-recycling platform into enough new U.S. communities to keep approximately the same amount of other waste—including glass, metals, paper and plastic—out of landfills as the amount of potential waste, measured by weight, generated by Ziploc. As the first city to benefit from this new partnership, Corpus Christi hopes to increase recycling participation of its residents — currently at less than five percent — through incentives from Recyclebank and Ziploc®.

"We are dedicated to reducing the environmental footprint of our products and achieving zero-waste status, and our partnership with Recyclebank allows us to take that commitment to the next level," said John Peoples, director of Home Storage, SC Johnson. "Families depend on Ziploc Brand to help make their lives easier, and are also looking for ways to incorporate more sustainable practices into their daily routines. Together with Recyclebank, we are helping families realize the impact everyday products have on the environment, and motivating them to change the way they dispose of them to lessen the amount of waste sent to the landfill."

Recyclebank has a proven track record of success, helping to double—in some cases, triple—recycling rates in hundreds of diverse communities across the United States and United Kingdom. The Corpus Christi Recycles program uses Smart Carts to track household participation. Each time a household recycles, the amount is recorded and converted into Recyclebank Points, which can be redeemed at for rewards from thousands of local businesses in more than 10 categories, including automotive, beauty and health, beverages, entertainment, food and grocery, restaurants, and sports and recreation.

"At Recyclebank, we believe in the power of individual actions. We've seen how monumental the collective impact can be when members of local communities, government and businesses work together," said Recyclebank CEO Jonathan Hsu. "We're thrilled to kick off our recycling expansion partnership with Ziploc in Corpus Christi. Together, we can enable people to take small steps that make a huge impact on their communities, local economies and the planet."

"The City of Corpus Christi is proud to partner with Recyclebank and Ziploc to bring this valuable recycling rewards program to local households. This is an innovative way to increase recycling, stimulate our local economy, and reduce our impact on the environment," said Corpus Christi Mayor Joe Adame. "Together, we can encourage residents to help make Corpus Christi a greener and more sustainable city, and reward them for their efforts along the way."

To kick off the program, Ziploc is organizing various community events to educate residents on recycling best practices, debunk recycling myths, and answer any questions as the new Recyclebank program takes off. Ziploc will help facilitate Recyclebank registration, inspiring families to take action and ensuring they are rewarded for doing so. Ziploc will host the first of these recycling awareness events this weekend, Saturday, Feb. 12th, and Sunday, Feb. 13th, at local H-E-B Supermarkets in Corpus Christi. Residents are encouraged to drop off Ziploc bags at in-store bins to recycle and earn rewards.