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PV Cycle Membership Bolsters Astronergy's Sustainability Initiative

posted by Wendy Stott
Published: February 22, 2011

Leading c-Si and thin film module manufacturer Astronergy (Chint Solar) has become a full member of PV Cycle, an organization that specializes in the voluntary take-back and recycling of PV modules.  

As part of a greater initiative to increase sustainability from module production to end-of-life module disposal, the PV Cycle membership is an integral aspect of Astronergy's efforts to assess its own environmental impact. The company strives to stay aware of its impact on the environment on all fronts.

Astronergy is a tier-1 crystalline silicon and thin film module manufacturer with an annual production capacity of over 500MW; its customers will need a way to dispose of panels that have either been damaged or surpassed their working life of 25 years. Even after this milestone has been reached, most components, such as the silicon from the cells, the aluminum from the frame and the glass on the front of the panel, retain value and can be reused. PV Cycle provides a hassle-free way for all customers to decrease the amount of waste being sent to landfills and limit their environmental impact from the purchase and disposal of modules.

"Our commitment to sustainability and to the environment drives our business," said Astronergy CEO, Dr. Liyou Yang. "From energy generation for our offices to the low-carbon footprint program we implement internally; we will continue to seek ways to make our low-impact products have an even lower impact on the environment."