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Planon Software Announces PlanonConnect to ENERGY STAR® Integration

posted by Wendy Stott
Published: February 24, 2011

The Planon Group, a leading global provider of facilities management and real estate software, announced today the availability of PlanonConnect’s direct integration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® energy performance rating system. The direct integration automates the management of ENERGY STAR performance ratings, the most widely used benchmark for building energy use, from Planon’s award-winning energy management software. The solution supports all International Facility Management Association (IFMA) standards that allow IFMA members to benchmark with peer organizations. 

Buildings create an enormous ecological footprint by consuming more than 45% of commercial energy resources in the U.S., according to the US Green Building Council.  The PlanonConnect integration, which is immediately available, allows energy and facility management professionals to benchmark building energy performance against other buildings with similar building and operating characteristics, assess energy management goals over time, and identify cost  and energy consumption reduction opportunities through a secure exchange of building and energy use information.

“The PlanonConnect integration to Energy Star provides facilities and real estate professionals with a continuous circle of improvement that not only helps them achieve sustainability objectives but also to reduce organizational costs,” said Pierre Guelen, Founder and CEO, Planon Group.

The PlanonConnect integration takes building energy usage information collected in Planon and sends it directly to the EPA’s Portfolio Manager software. Portfolio Manager calculates the building’s ENERGY STAR rating and carbon footprint and returns that data to Planon. This information is critical for companies interested in reducing their energy costs, carbon footprint, and gaining recognition through ENERGY STAR and LEED certification. 

 “Planon’s integration with Energy Star supports our mission to help IFMA members reduce energy use, reduce costs, and improve facility performance,” said Marina Badoian Kriticos, Director, Strategic Initiatives & Sustainability, IFMA. “By benchmarking facility operations, IFMA members around the world can work together to make a significant reduction to global energy consumption.”

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