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EPS Corp’s xChange Point Energy Solution Expands to Additional Kraft Foods Sites

posted by Wendy Stott
Published: February 24, 2011

EPS Corp today announced that Kraft Foods is expanding the deployment of EPS’ xChange Point® real-time energy management and carbon reduction solution to all of the manufacturing facilities in its Grocery Business Unit. The decision to roll out xChange Point to additional sites was based on the success of its initial implementation in one facility. The test yielded significant savings opportunities, and the desire to accelerate further reductions in the Business Unit’s energy use and carbon emissions, as part of the company’s global sustainability efforts.

Kraft Foods has already cut energy use in its manufacturing plants by 15% and energy-related emissions by 17% through the end of 2009. In its quest to drive further sustainability improvements, the company’s Grocery Business Unit selected EPS’ xChange Point solution to monitor and curtail energy use and carbon emissions, identify the most compelling options for achieving target reductions, and track the results. In addition to delivering in-depth, real-time information through an easy-to-use interface, xChange Point was selected because it includes the expertise of EPS energy analysts and engineers to identify and quantify the most effective sustainability initiatives and develop implementation and verification strategies with Kraft Foods’ internal team.

“Achieving continual reductions in energy use and carbon emissions at our manufacturing facilities is a top strategic priority for Kraft Foods,” said Diane Wolf, Global Vice President, Safety and Environmental Sustainability at Kraft Foods. “We are pleased with the results that xChange Point has already delivered to our Grocery Business Unit and by rolling it out to the rest of the unit’s manufacturing facilities, we see it as a key tool to help us reach and exceed our corporate sustainability goals.”

EPS’ xChange Point system is deployed by multiple Fortune 1000 manufacturing companies to use real-time, enterprise-wide data, together with recommendations by EPS experts, to reduce energy and water use and carbon emissions. This software as a service solution provides an enterprise-wide view of important sustainability and production metrics that can help curtail costs while improving sustainability at facilities across the company – making it a powerful solution for leading global companies to understand and reduce their energy, water, and carbon profiles.

“This is especially rewarding for us because Kraft Foods is not only a leader in the food industry but also in sustainability,” said Jay Zoellner, Chief Executive Officer of EPS Corp. “Through xChange Point, we were able to deliver substantial additional value to an already efficient facility within its Grocery Business Unit. We are very confident about the ability to further advance their sustainability successes with this rollout of o solution. It isn’t just the technology; it is about dedicated people working together, enabled by our technology, to create the superior solutions that work for Kraft Foods.”