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Energy Focus, Inc. Completely Retrofits Aircraft Machine Parts Facility With Its LED Lighting

posted by Wendy Stott
Published: March 30, 2011

Energy Focus, Inc. (Nasdaq:EFOI), a leader in providing energy efficient lighting solutions, today announced that it has recently completed a full lighting retrofit of Truline Industries, Inc.'s Chesterland, OH Precision Machining Facility using Energy Focus' LED G1 IntelliTube™ fluorescent replacement lamps, LED TrackLights and LED LandScapes.

"Truline's product lines include fuel pump bearings for main aircraft engine fuel pumps, as well as smaller main engine pumps for helicopters, turboprops, and business aircraft. Our customers require the highest precision since the parts we make are key to the performance of their aircraft," said Court Durkalski, Trueline CEO. "Providing high quality lighting to our employees is an important component enabling us to deliver that precision. That Energy Focus has been able to enhance our lighting while dramatically reducing our costs is exactly the combination of benefits we were looking for."

Joseph Kaveski, CEO, Energy Focus, Inc., commented: "While we create terrific energy savings and improved lighting for all our retrofit customers, we are particularly pleased with Truline's aircraft machine parts facility lighting retrofit where we replaced all of the lighting in the facility, from the indoor overhead fluorescent lamps to the outdoor HID security lighting with Energy Focus' energy efficient LED lighting products. Here, the improved quality of light provided by our LED lighting products was as important to our customer as the energy and maintenance savings."