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Owl Energy Technologies’ Reduce Alternating Current Motors’ Electricity Usage and Save Money

posted by Wendy Stott
Published: April 15, 2011

Owl Energy Technologies announces “Spring Forward to Savings” with their Spring 2011 Campaign. U.S. and Canadian Companies can now teach their alternating current motors and manufacturing and production equipment to use less electricity and save money.

Owl Energy Technologies is a U.S. and Canadian distributor of a family of “Intelligent Motor Controllers” for Alternating Current (AC) motors used in Commercial and Industrial applications.

Used worldwide and having proven their capabilities to lower electricity usage and save companies money, it is not generally known that these “Intelligent Motor Controllers” are available here in the U.S. and Canada.

Owl Energy Technologies’ Spring 2011 campaign is designed to increase exposure of these valuable, cost saving controllers and includes sales incentives to encourage U.S. and Canadian companies to consider the benefits that these controllers offer.

Owl Energy Technologies experience and actual measurements make it clear that for AC motors in Commercial and Industrial environments, it is very common that less electricity is needed than is being used.

Productions managers regularly tell Owl Energy Technologies that, “We know we have both Power Company energy usage changes and Demand Charges, and we are concerned about the costs of running the AC motors that power manufacturing and production equipment.”

The Innovative Intelligent Motor Controllers available from Owl Energy have proven their capabilities to Lower Motor Electricity Usage and lower electricity costs. They also extend motor life and reduce wear on accessory equipment as belts and pulleys.

For management a 25 to 35% reduction of the electricity costs component within total manufacturing costs is feasible.

With a pricing objective of 14 to 18 months Return on Investment/ROI or payback, and Owl Energy Technology’s proven no-cost evaluation process, their spring 2011 campaign and savings incentives are designed to help spread the word and to encourage US and Canadian companies to evaluate these savings opportunities.

For Production managers and those supporting the daily running of a company’s manufacturing and production equipment, the experience and support from Owl Energy Technologies is available to provide verifiable cost/savings analysis to get management’s attention.

Owl Energy Technologies "Intelligent Motor Control": A Wise Energy savings Choice!

Owl Energy Technologies "Intelligent Motor Controllers" are available for Alternating Current (AC) Motors, Three Phase and Single Phase, 50 or 60 Hz for Commercial and Industrial Power Company Customers

Available Now: USA and Canada

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