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NSK Releases Environmental Progress Report

posted by William R. Stott
Published: April 10, 2012

NSK released its environmental progress report in April 2012

NSK Corporation released its 2011 environmental achievements, championed by its seven ISO 14000-certified production facilities in the United States. Based on a series of pre-established benchmarks, NSK's sustainability efforts have saved:

  • 11,402 trees equivalent to 141,246,000 sheets of newspaper
  • 267,521 gallons of oil, enough to heat 1,323 homes for a year
  • 4,044,600 gallons of water, enough for the required daily intake of 53,920 people for a year
  • 13,867 gallons of gasoline, enough to drive 386,400 miles in a mid-size car
  • 23,160,465 kilowatt hours of electricity, enough to provide electricity for 2,824 homes for a year

Marcia Fournier, Manager of Environmental Health and Safety, is responsible for leading NSK's sustainable strategy in the Americas. She states "We made the investment to ensure everyone had a baseline knowledge of our environmental objectives and we work collaboratively to achieve them. Joining the EPA's WasteWise program, is what gives us our sustainability numbers regarding how many trees and how much water we've saved."

An extensive list of initiatives was created to meet the company's environmental goals, including a 98% recycling target. Some of these include:

  • installation of a reverse osmosis systems that enabled plants to eliminate a deionized water system requiring the use of hazardous chemicals
  • reduction in kerosene usage for parts cleaning
  • reduction of electrical usage by switching to electronic ballasts, installing more efficient lighting and eliminating air-system leaks

Brian Lindsay, President and CEO of NSK Corporation, has overseen the complete revision of NSK America's environmental policy. He says "We are proactively seeking out the right thing to do environmentally rather than being focused on avoiding doing the wrong thing. Environmental stewardship needs a focus and part of that focus is to create and establish a position within the Americas that environmental excellence is paramount."

A detailed report on NSK's global sustainability initiatives can be found at