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Article Describes Magnesium as Material of the 21st Century

posted February 28, 2009
Magnesium will become the material of choice as designers strive to improve energy efficiency in transportation, according to an article released by ASM International--The Materials Information Society. Magnesium and its alloys are being considered for structural applications in every type of vehicle because of their favorable combination of tensile strength, elastic modulus, and low density.Read more

Titan America Cements Partnership With EPA Energy Star Program

posted February 26, 2009
Titan America LLC today announced its partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy's Energy Star Program. As a condition of the partnership, Titan America agrees to submit to independent monitoring of its energy efficiency. This will include base lining, tracking and benchmarking the company's energy performance, using tools offered through Energy Star.Read more

Mechanical Engineers Focusing on Sustainable Design

posted February 25, 2009
Two thirds of mechanical engineers have worked on designing sustainable products, according to a survey jointly conducted by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and Autodesk. The survey of ASME members is the first research conducted to understand the factors and impacts of sustainable design on mechanical engineers and their manufacturing businesses in industries including automotive and transportation, industrial machinery, consumer products and energy, according to a press release.Read more

iGPS Announces Agreement With Borders Melon Co.

posted February 23, 2009
Intelligent Global Pooling Systems (iGPS Company LLC) announced today that Borders Melon Co., Inc. switched from shipping its watermelons on wood pallets to iGPS' all-plastic pallets with embedded RFID tags.
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NAM Agenda Emphasizes Economic Recovery, Job Creation

posted February 23, 2009
The NAM Legislative Agenda for Economic Recovery and Job CreationThe National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) today released its Legislative Agenda for Economic Recovery and Job Creation. The NAM agenda focuses on legislative priorities that manufacturers have identified as key to economic recovery. The agenda included important sections on pollution control, renewable energy and energy efficiency.Read more

Pittcon 2009 To Feature Green Corner

posted February 19, 2009
Pittcon, a leading conference for laboratory science professionals, has announced a "Green Corner" at its 2009 event, which takes place March 8-13, 2009 Chicago's McCormick Place. "The Green Corner is a new area of the exposition floor this year which will feature those companies who manufacture or distribute environmentally friendly products, technologies, and services," says Marian Nardozzi, Marketing Communications Specialist for The Pittsburgh Conference.Read more

John W. Sutherland Given SME Education Award

posted February 19, 2009
John W. Sutherland, Director of the Sustainable Futures Institute, has been recognized with the SME Education Award. According to SME's press release, Sutherland was given the honor "for his pioneering curricular contributions to the field of environmentally responsible design and manufacturing; for fostering sound training methods; and for inspiring students to enter the manufacturing profession."Read more

Winners Announced in Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

posted February 19, 2009
Winners of the first annual Next Generation Luminaires awards were announced on February 19 at the Strategies in Light Conference in Santa Clara, California. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, and the International Association of Lighting Designers, the competition recognizes excellence in the design of energy-efficient commercial lighting luminaires that use light emitting diodes, or LEDs.Read more

Cemtrex Launches New Line of Monitors to Measure Mercury Levels in Water

posted February 17, 2009
Cemtrex Inc. has announced the addition of a new line of water quality monitors to the company's portfolio of monitoring instruments. The Mercury Process Analyzer PA-2 is used for continuous monitoring of Mercury concentrations in industrial processes. Read more

Green Chemicals Transforming Chemical Industry

posted February 17, 2009
The nation's top leaders in green chemicals and renewable sciences joined together today for a discussion on the future of the rapidly growing renewable chemicals industry. The event was hosted by Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc., the leading developer of green chemicals, to mark the opening of the company's new facility in Bolingbrook and discuss the trends, issues and policies that will propel the green chemicals industry.Read more

Illinois Business Energy Efficiency Incentives Deadline Approaching

posted February 17, 2009
Business customers throughout the Ameren Illinois Utilities service territory still have time to receive a share of $500,000 in incentive money by improving the electric energy efficiency of their facilities or operations by May 31. In addition, these businesses also are eligible for a special, one-time bonus payment of up to 10 percent of the total project cost when they meet the May 31 deadline.Read more

Energy Coalition Lauds Economic Recovery Package

posted February 17, 2009
The Coalition for Energy Efficiency today lauded H.R. 1, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), as a critical and urgently needed first step in making energy efficiency the nation's top energy priority and placing efficiency atop the list of the nation's energy resources. The coalition praised President Obama and Congress as the President signed the bill into law today in Denver. Read more

Clean Tech Open Expands to National Competition

posted February 12, 2009
The Clean Tech Open, a non-profit that connects entrepreneurs with the expertise, network, and funding to make clean tech possible and profitable, kicked off its fourth annual competition season this month. At its first monthly Breakfast Briefing, the Clean Tech Open unveiled plans for the 2009 competition, its largest yet, and shared milestones reached by its alumni start-ups. The event was keynoted by Kevin Chen, who directs Green Energy Strategy at Google.Read more

Software Evaluates ROI on Green Projects

posted February 12, 2009
Clear Standards, Inc., a provider of enterprise carbon management and sustainability solutions, announced the availability of CleanTech Spend Optimizer, a component of the company's Clear Standards Analyze product line. According to the company's press release, CleanTech Spend Optimizer provides a decision support system to evaluate and select green projects that yield the best return on investment as energy prices, clean technologies, and government policies evolve.Read more

XDX Innovative Refrigeration Releases New Energy Saving Technology

posted February 12, 2009
XDX Innovative Refrigeration has released the latest version of its Mysticool Max valve, which can reduce energy consumption by 15 percent or more.Read more

Plastic From Plants Outperforms Oil-Based Polymers

posted February 10, 2009
Ingeo biopolymers from Natureworks provide an environmentally friendly alternative to standard petroleum-based polymersNatureWorks LLC has achieved a manufacturing breakthrough with its Ingeo plastics made from plants, not oil. A new, proprietary manufacturing process commissioned late last year lowers carbon dioxide by 60 percent and reduces by 30 percent the energy required to produce Ingeo plastics compared to previous Ingeo production.Read more

Microsoft Releases Environmental Sustainability Dashboard

posted February 09, 2009
Microsoft Corp. announced the general availability of the Environmental Sustainability Dashboard for Microsoft Dynamics AX. The new toolset, available to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 customers at no additional charge, will enable midsize businesses to capture data needed to measure key indicators related to energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions as part of everyday business processes from within their enterprise resource planning solution, helping them pinpoint ways to cut their energy consumption and costs.
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Solberg Manufacturing Commits to Renewable Energy

posted February 09, 2009
Solberg Manufacturing earned the right to use the Green-e Logo by buying renewable energy through the Green-e MarketplaceThe Center for Resource Solutions announced today that Solberg Manufacturing, Inc. joined Green-e® Marketplace by purchasing enough Green-e Certified renewable energy to meet 100% of the annual electricity needs for its entire U.S. operations. The Itasca, IL–based company purchased 891 MWh of Green-e Energy Certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) from Blue Star Energy. As a member of Green-e Marketplace, Solberg Manufacturing can now display the Green-e logo to inform consumers that they purchased 100% Green-e Certified renewable energy.Read more

Materials Industries Face Significant Long-Term Challenges

posted February 08, 2009
Global competition, energy supplies and new technologies are among the issues converging to create a perfect storm that threatens to engulf the materials industries, according to a materials industry consultant. “The ultimate driving force behind this storm is simply population growth,” said Carl E. Frahme, Ph.D., an instructor for ASM International, the materials information society. “The pressures have been overwhelming on supplies of raw materials and energy, and especially on the environment. And because technology has driven per capita consumption of all resources dramatically higher, the challenges are that much more intense.” Read more

NEMA Supports Obama Call for National Efficiency Standards

posted February 08, 2009
NEMA Supports Obama Call for National Efficiency StandardsThe National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has announced its support of President Obama’s February 5, 2009 announcement on the importance of national energy efficiency standards for consumer and industrial equipment regulated by the Department of Energy (DOE).Read more

U.S. Business Purchase Record Amount of Renewable Energy in 2008

posted February 01, 2009
The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) has announced that 2008 saw record voluntary purchases of the organization's Green-e® Energy Certified renewable energy. These purchases were led by Intel Corp, PepsiCo, and Mohawk Paper. Intel made the largest purchase of renewable energy in history, with a 1.3 million megawatt-hour (MWh) purchase in January. PepsiCo was the second-biggest purchaser.Read more