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U.S.-China Public-Private Partnership to Green the Supply Chain

posted September 24, 2009
The Institute for Sustainable Communities and its partners joined President Bill Clinton on stage at the Clinton Global Initiative to announce a $2.3-million commitment to boost Chinese factories' compliance with environment, health and safety (EHS) policies and achieve significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.Read more

Carbonetworks Software Helps Comply with EPA Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting

posted September 24, 2009
Carbonetworks, a leading software company that provides performance management for energy, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and sustainability solutions, announced today the availability of GHG JumpStart, a program of software solutions to support compliance with the EPA's new Mandatory Reporting Rule for greenhouse gases.Read more

Turner Completes Largest Green Roof in State of Kentucky

posted September 23, 2009
Turner Construction Company has completed the largest privately-owned vegetative roof in the state of Kentucky for the American Life and Accident Insurance Company of Kentucky atop the firm's Mies van der Rohe-designed corporate headquarters building in Louisville.Read more

USAF Recognized by EPA for Surface Pretreatment

posted September 23, 2009
Robins Air Force Base (AFB) has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Design for the Environment (DfE) program. This honor is presented to individuals and groups who have made exceptional contributions to the protection of human health and the environment.Read more

KONE Earns ISO 14001 Certification

posted September 22, 2009
KONE Inc., one of the world's leading elevator and escalator companies, has achieved ISO 14001 certification at two manufacturing facilities and one supply unit in North America.Read more

Abbott Expands Use of Sustainable Packaging

posted September 20, 2009
Abbott switched from its old, single-use containers to multi-use green packaging.Abbott this month reported further progress in meeting its goal of a 5-percent reduction in the amount of packaging used in its key products by 2013, part of a multi-faceted effort to minimize its impact on the environment. To achieve this goal, the company has launched, or is in the process of launching, more than 40 sustainable packaging initiatives across its nutrition, pharmaceutical and medical products businesses. The initiatives are driven by new standards and guidelines developed by Abbott that encourage increased use of lighter and sustainable materials in package design.
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New Report Reveals Corporate America Moving Sustainability Initiatives Forward

posted September 20, 2009
A new report from Siemens and McGraw-Hill Construction, the 2009 Greening of Corporate America Report, shows that corporate America has in fact embraced standard sustainability practices, such as recycling, building green, focusing on employee engagement, and partnering with non-profits, as "business as usual." Seventy-six percent (76%) of firms have made significant commitments to sustainability, and as a result, the firms of tomorrow must be innovative in their sustainability plans to stand out in the market and gain a competitive advantage.Read more

IEA Wind Energy 2008 Annual Report Available

posted September 20, 2009
The recently published IEA Wind Energy Annual Report 2008, distributed in the United States by the U.S. Department of Energy, is now available for free download. This report provides the latest information on wind industries in 20 International Energy Agency (IEA) Wind member countries. The information includes generation capacity, progress toward national objectives, benefits to national economies, issues affecting growth, costs of projects and turbines, national incentive programs, and research and development results. The Executive Summary synthesizes the information presented in separate chapters by the member countries, the European Commission and the European Wind Energy Association.Read more